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Smiles By RJ Dot Org [], at RJ's own expense and time*, arranged for the donation of and then delievered approximately 32,000 pounds [16 tons] of sports and Arizona Ice Tea drinks. RJ also arranged for, and then assisted in the delivery of an additional [approximately] 3,000 pounds of such drinks. Over a period of months RJ has also delivered what amounted to many tons of other produce, meat, and bakery items. During the weeks he has done this, the average cost has been $40 per week in gas for his Prius [does not include tires, maintenance, repairs, and depreciation]. So far to date, RJ has thankfully received donations totally $20 for gas. *To prevent an avalanche of charities contacting them, the donating company's name is not listed on the Sponsors page.

Smiles By RJ Dot Org matches the needs of charitable organizations with donations.
The goal of Smiles By RJ Dot Org is to do this in ways that will benefit as many charities and individuals as possible. This includes trying to minimize the waste that is generated by a single charitable organization receiving more than they can readily use. When it is appropriate to do so, we will try to do this by sharing donations with more than one charity. This will be based upon their actual stated needs and observed usage. When possible we pick up and redistribute charities' excess products and viable perishables before they are trashed. We are also trying to eliminate the direct pickup from donors of viable food by animal farmers. When possible edible food should be eaten by people in need of it;  not animals, or thrown into the trash. "We believe that helping those in need living near us is more important than serving those of a similar level of need in more distant locations." Please Note: As explained on our Charities page, is expanding its area of service.

Wish List
There are a lot of items needed by charities that are not presently being donated to them. Please see our Wish List page for a constantly updating list of perishable and nonperishable items they would like to receive.

Charitable organizations may submit their requests at Please include needs, preferred pickup or delivery days, times, and usable amounts. Also include if you are a nonprofit 501C charity, or a not-for-profit organization.

Donation offers may be submitted at
. Please include details including preferred pickup/delivery days. Please view our Donations page.

Our list of Charities is at

Our list of  Donors [Sponsors "Partners in Caring and Sharing" is at

Requests for information and general inquiries may be be emailed to is operating as a not-for-profit service to charities We can partner with a 501 (c) (3), 509 (a) (1) Charity.
For the IRS and attorney provided information regarding tax deductions to organizations, and what are considered charities, view either this web site's Donate or Charities page.

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