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We act as a donation distributor to match donations with charities. This includes assisting charities in the distribution of perishable and nonperishable items, that exceed their needs. Then, with our assistance, it can be distributed to other charities. As stated on the Home Page. "We believe that helping those in need living near us is more important than serving those of a similar level of need in more distant locations."

Wish List
There are a lot of items needed by charities that they are not presently being donated to them. Please see our Wish List page for a constantly updating list of perishable and nonperishable items the charities we service would like to receive.

Many charities receive donations that exceed what they can use. Out of a fear of not being able to continually receive donations, they take everything they are offered. We are not trying to excleude a charity from its donor supply, or regular pickups. Our goal is to assist charities by distributing their excess to other charities. By our doing this, charities will no longer have to worry about saying, "We do not need this today" to a donor. They may tell us this, and we can try to find suitible charity partners to use their excess.

Excess perishable items are ultimately thrown away, plowed under, or used as animal feed. Trashing by donors also occurs when charities do not pickup as scheduled from them. There are various reasons why this might happen. Charities might be closed for that day. The volunteer who was supposed to pickup becomes ill, forgets, has a time conflict, or is told by the charity not to do a pickup. To the best of our abilities we will strive to decrease the sending of useable persible products to becoming animal feed, or trash dump land fill.

When a donation is not picked up, donors may call or text us to see if we can assist them in getting it to the charity. After our trying to contact the charity, we determine it is unreachable or not able to accept that day's donation, depending upon what is being donated, we can try to distribute it to other charities. is operating as a not-for-profit service to charities We can partner with a 501 (c) (3), 509 (a) (1) Charity.
For the IRS and attorney provided information regarding tax deductions to organizations, and what are considered charities, view either this web site's Donate or Charities page.

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