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List of Charities
Most of the charities we serve are in the general Clinton and Flemington area of Hunterdon County. We believe that helping those in need living near us is more important than serving those of a similar level of need in more distant locations. In some cases for charities in more distant locations, we can assist them match up with donors that are closer to them. Some of the "when apprpriate" charities listed below are a bit further from our central locations. They tend to serve as a backup relief for excess perishables that our other charities cannot use. As a donor you may request to have your donation made to a charity, or not-for-profit organization, that is not presently included on our list of charities. Also as stated on the Home Page. "We believe that helping those in need living near us is more important than serving those of a similar level of need in more distant locations." Please Note: As a result of the level of need having been decreased, as explained below, is expanding its area of service.

Flemington Food Pantry:
The Flemington Area Food Pantry requested a list of the chariteis being served by After receiving the list, to increase the number of people they serve, they contacted several of the following charities. Now they have allowed them to become direct clients of their Food Pantry. Some of the charities listed below  no longer need the donations offered by*. The ones listed in bold continue to be servied by Ones without an asterisk, that are not in bold type, tend to be warm weather product recipients.

Freedom House,
Glen Gardner
ARC Hunterdon County
20+ Group Homes in Area
Carmelite Monastery [Nuns],
Flemington, New Jersey
Seniors at St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Flemington, New Jersey
*Good News Home for
, Flemington
Little Sisters of the Poor,
, New Jersey
Dominican Sisters' House,
Flemington, New Jersey

*Hunterdon County Family Success Center

Our Lady of Hope House, St.
Vincent de Paul Food Pantry
Hunterdon County Family
Sucess Center
, Flemington
Family Promise, Interfaith
Hospitality Network

Salvation Army of Flemington *Anderson House, White
House Station, New Jersey
Seniors at Hunterdon County
Senior Multi-Purpose Center

High Bridge Reformed Church

When Donation Appropriate:
Samaritan Homeless Interim
Program [SHIP] Somerville
Safe Harbor, Easton, PA

Pending Possibilities;
Flemington Soup Kitchen [being setup]
Lambertville Senior Cusine
Lebanon Reformed Church
Trenton Soup Kitchen is operating as a not-for-profit service to charities We can partner with a 501 (c) (3), 509 (a) (1) Charity.
Please note that not all nonprofit 501c groups are charities. C Web Resource - Qualifying for Public Charity Status. The (00167455).PDF
The above information about qualifying as a charity is being provided here as a public service. For actual determinations, definitions, and charity status of an organization, please seek the appropriate services of a qualified attorney.

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